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In Search of Life


Global warming played a nasty role causing two brothers to survive all alone withthe world gone under several meters beneath the deposits of silt and sand. Thehuman civilization was wiped, leaving behind a 5 year old boy with his elder brother and constantly walking across the states, towards the southern part of the country in search of life. They wanted to live and had the spirits despite of walking tirelessly for two years that one day they will surely reach a place where some life might exist. With the growing age of the younger brother, things were getting worse as he starts blaming the previous generation for degrading the nature of this scale and height that the punishments had to be borne on the kids of the future. They used to walk for weeks and then take refuge for a few days. On the way they come across an amazing giant monument where they decide to take refuge but on a land where nothing remained and has risen meters above is simply not their ally. Their last generation went against the nature and now its time when their spirits are being tested. Existance of god or the will power of a 5 year old against the mighty planet of earth. Things went pretty rough and they paid our share of penalty of destroying the mother earth.


Aadi Jain, Sahib

Director :Upamanyu Naskar Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Anuj Kalia Editor :Susanta Chakraborty, Neel Malakar and Upamanyu Naskar Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Santanu Dey Year :2016 Duration:110 Mins


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Upamanyu Naskar

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