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De Potentia Dei


Kazimir Malevich wanted to burn all art. And to create black squares from ashes. Black square didn't appear here by accident. Where are its roots? Isn't the square in its core a circle, return of Everything? And are we to speak on fundamental matters? Spies want to keep silence. Informaticians prefer total openness, proximity, disposition. Distance or proximity? Entire journey of the radically free documentary musical is driven by songs. Movie sings about me, about you, about itself. It searches the place on Earth, tries to have terrestrial touch. Movie resurrects Malevich's foot.


Jana Kozubková,Kamil Bouška,Marie Ladrová,Avi Tetrokalashvili,Tomáš Kurečka

Director :Ondřej Vavrečka Language :Czech Country :Czech Republic
Producer :Ondřej Vavrečka Editor :Lucie Navrátilová, Jana Vlčková Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Ondřej Vavrečka Year :2016 Duration:66 Mins


Director Name

Ondřej Vavrečka

Director Biography

Studied Faculty of Humanities (Charles University, Prague), Editing and Centre of Audiovisual Studies (both FAMU, Prague) and as an intership Documentary Directing (VGIK, Moscow). He is a filmmaker, artist, theoretician, musician. He works at FAMU as a teacher. Now he is finishing PhD. studies (FAMU) with his dissertation The Sense of the Montage. 

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