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In the Malwa-Nimar region of Western Madhya Pradesh (An Indian State), ‘Kalichaat’ is the name for a kind of exceptionally hard rock. Encountering it while digging for water is considered no less than a disaster in this ofteh drought-affected region. At the same time, it also presents a ray of hope because it is believed that beneath ‘Kalichaat’ lies boundless water, if it can be broken to reach it.


Prakash Deshmukh, Geetika Shyam

Director :Sudhanshu Sharma Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Sudhanshu Sharma Editor :Jeetu Call Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Jaywant Raut Murlidhar Year :2016 Duration:86 Mins


Director Name

Sudhanshu Sharma

Director Biography

An entrepreneur with a creative streak, Sudhanshu Sharma closely observed life at rural India while growing up. Different small towns and villages of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh inspired his journey with their rich culture and traditional values. He is a post graduate in Humanities and a pursuant research scholar in Philosophy. A poet, writer and philosopher, Sudhanshu's work remained mostly for personal audience 'til now, partly due to his choice of keeping it that way and partly due to professional commitments. Nevertheless, his work as a poet and writer earned him rich accolades in various formal and informal literary circles of Madhya Pradesh. A formal collection of his short stories and poems is in print for unveiling in very near future. Sudhanshu's professional responsibilities as an entrepreneur demanded him to conceptualize, write, produce, and provide creative guidance for close to 150 commercial productions, mostly for Indian television. 'Kalichaat' is his directorial debut for a feature length, depicting the life and journey of a poor farmer from Malwa-Nimar region of western Madhya Pradesh, the area which he closely relates to. Besides being Director of the creation, he also was an integral part of scripting, screenplay, and art direction team of 'Kalichaat.'

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