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Sound Of Silence


Sound Of Silence' is the story of a mute boy’s journey through his challenging and abandoned life. When his mother dies while giving birth to him, the father is unable to come to terms with her loss and becomes a drunkard. He sees the boy as the reason for her death and hence denies his love and care for the boy. The boy struggles and works hard to survive in the beautiful Himalayan mountain village where they live. His only comfort is the soothing words of a pious Buddhist monk who teaches him about nature and how man’s relationship with nature is forever. During the day the boy herds the cows, the only source of income for the family and during the nights he wanders the streets searching for his father who would be drinking with his friends. When his father sells their cows, he loses his only vocation and the ones whom he shares his love with. Loneliness engulfs him more than ever before. And one day when the boy’s father stabs and kills his friend during a brawl and is arrested by the police, the elderly Buddhist monk comes to the boys rescue. He is now trapped in absolute loneliness but his relationship with the Buddhist monk becomes stronger. It's at this point he learns more about Buddhism and about the life in a monastery. When the father disowns the boy the last time they meet, the Buddhist monk gets him inducted to a Buddhist Monastery to become a monk. But he still dreams about his beautiful village, the cows, the house, his father, his faceless mother and also is eager for an answer from his father – if he ever loved him?


Master Govardhan,Uday Chandra,Bhushan

Director :Dr.Bijukumar Damodaran Language :Pahari/ Hindi/ Tibetan Country :India, USA
Producer :Dr.A.K.Pillai Editor :Davis P Manuel Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :M.J.Radhakrishnan Year :2017 Duration:89 Mins


Director Name

Dr.Bijukumar Damodaran

Director Biography

Dr.Biju (Bijukumar Damodaran) is an Indian filmmaker who has won India's top film award, The National Film Award, three times. His films were widely screened at many international films festivals like Cannes, Montreal, Shanghai, Cairo, New York, Telluride, Tehran, Jeonju etc. Sound Of Silence is his eighth film as writer director.  He has also served as jury member for India's National Film Awards 2012, India's Oscar selection jury member 2015, 30th Fajr International Film Festival Tehran, Iran and International film festival of Kerala 2011.

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