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Life by the Landfill


The constant emergency of waste management in Rome: constant emergency, living oxymoron.Malagrotta, Rome. City of waste, a paradigm involving politicians, private companies, and simple citizens. Waste management has always been the kingdom of easy money. However, pollution and diseases brought this criminal system into the limelight, exposing how rooted it is in both the capital and the whole country. The wild west of corruption makes way for one hero, the local populations who in the name of the attachment to their land and the right to health and dignity are re-appropriating good governance and grassroots administration.

Director :Chiara Bellini Language :Italian Country :Italy
Producer :Francesco Scura Editor :Piero Lassandro Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Luca Gennari Year :2016 Duration:57 Mins


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Chiara Bellini

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