Lakshmi (the wealth goddess), the second wife of out-of-work yet conceited funeral priest Kesubhat, struggles to make a home from scattered family of five members. She follows a weird remedy recommended by Gangu Jogtin (a godwoman), at the cost of her children and dignity. Lakshmi painfully completes the ritual course, but it leads to dire misery and the death of her greedy husband. Lakshmi loses home, is led to her fate at the feet of the goddess she worshipped. Will her battle be successful?


Smita Tambe,Prashant Mhasawade

Director :Shashank Mhasawade Language :Marathi Country :India
Producer :Aayam Chitra Editor :Aakash Patil Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Akshay Rane Year :2018 Duration:27 Mins


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Shashank Mhasawade

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