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The Girl and The Picture


A story of loss, survival, and legacy, The Girl and The Picture conveys the impact of memory on future generations. In 1937, 8-year-old Xia Shuqin witnessed the murder of her family in the horror that would become known as the Nanjing Massacre. In the days that followed, an American missionary took a photo of Shuqin with her surviving sister in the ruins of their family home. Now 88, Madame Xia is one of the last eyewitnesses to these events, coming to terms with her legacy through the eyes of her own granddaughter and the grandson of the missionary photographer.


Xia Shuqin, Xia Yuan, Li Yuhan, Chris Magee

Director :Vanessa Roth Language :Chinese Country :United States
Producer :Stephen D. Smith,Devorah Palladino,Vanessa Roth Editor :Livio Sanchez Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Daniel B. Gold Year :2018 Duration:39 Mins


Director Name

Vanessa Roth

Director Biography

An Academy Award winning filmmaker for Freeheld, and Executive Producer, Writer and Director of the internationally acclaimed Original Netflix Documentary Series Daughters of Destiny, Roth’s dozens of social impact films have been seen worldwide and have earned her honors including a DuPont- Columbia Award, Sundance Special Jury Prizes, Cine Golden Eagles, Casey Medals, InternationalAwards for Social Justice and Honors for Women in Film. Ms. Roth’s goal is to ignite conversation,awareness, and action around social justice issues through projects that are made in close collaboration with the people in her films so that they are authentic portraits with personal storytelling.

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