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Dec 01 - 05,  Kochi,  India

The Barre


The documentary 'The Barre' is about the story of Joel Kioko, a ballerino of Kenya. The 17-year-old classic ballerino, ‘Joel,’ is from the slums but he managed to overcame poverty through his hard working in ballet. Now he is drawing globalattention as a promising ballerino of kenya if not the whole Africa. After he first learned classical ballet in ‘after school class’ in Kenya, he worked harder than anyone else and finally went off to the United States to study. He was the first Kenyan to be chosen as a scholarship student at the Ballet School in London, England. His teacher and mentor, the head of Kenya Dance Center, Ms. Cooper Rust, identified Joel's potential as a ballerino and gave full support. And she is currently teaching ballet to other Kenyan children in Nairobi. This documentary will tell a Kenya' s ballet through Joel 's story and deliver hopes and dreams to viewers .


Joel Kioko, Shamick Otieno

Director :Hyuk-rho LEE & Yeon -hwa MOK Language :Swahili Country :South Korea
Producer :Jeonghoon SONG & Yeon -hwa MOK Editor :Hyuk-rho LEE & Yeon -hwa MOK Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Hyuk-rho LEE & Bon-suk KU Year :2018 Duration:47 Mins


Director Name

Hyuk-rho LEE & Yeon -hwa MOK

Director Biography

Hyuk-rho LEE directed a number of documentaries.Sarah focuses on many social issues and the underprivileged. He always wants to be a documentary director who tells the truth.MOK Yeon-hwa wants to interact with people through videos that are not limited to genre and platform. So she plans and produces a variety of video content, including documentaries. MOK is currently majoring in media education at graduate school because she is interested in media literacy. Since 2016, she has been concentrating on the co-production of documentaries with East African countries.

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