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Aftab, aka Affy, wakes up in a place that has everything he had asked for - Beautiful scenery outside the windows, juicy grapes to devour, his favourite sporting event on an HDTV and a curvy Caucasian girl for sex. Yet he’s not fully at home. He is looking for answers and all she wants to give him is a climax. Over dialogue crackling with wit and humour an awkward tragi-comic chemistry develops between them till finally we realise an ultimate truth about human condition.


Rahul Bhat ,Paula McGlynn

Director :MAYUR PURI Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :ULKA PURI Editor :RAMESHWAR BHAGAT Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :S.M.HUSAIN Year :2017 Duration:18 Mins


Director Name


Director Biography

Mayur Puri, is a well-known screenwriter, lyricist, storyteller & filmmaker. He has worked on many films in the writing and direction department.Mayur has penned over a hundred songs for dozens of Hindi movies in the past decade and many of them have been chartbusters like:‘Selfie Le Le Le Re’, ‘Chunar’, ‘Vandemataram’, ‘Bheegi Bheegi’,‘Jaane Kya Chahey Man Bawra’ and ‘Teri Oar’.As a storyteller, Mayur co-founded the institute ‘Story Circus’, which is dedicated to fomaking at Goa University under his program ‘FILMGOA’ and currently teaches screenwriting at Shri Anupam Kher’s ‘Actor Prepares’ Institute in Mumbai.

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