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A girl helps her brother build a kite, but boy ...


Sima Achak zehi,Jan agha Achak zehi,Hosna safdari

Director :Gholamreza Jafari Language :Persian Country :Iran
Producer :Gholamreza Jafari Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2017 Duration:9 Mins


Director Name

Gholamreza Jafari

Director Biography

Gholam Reza Jafari, an Afghan director, was born in 1985 in Iran. Mr. Gholam Reza Jafari, after high school, began filmmaking at the Iranian Young Cinema Association of Isfahan .In 2012 he made his first short film and then another 3 short film produced and directed. He also 2 theater on stage in the form of public performance, written and directed.

Movie Stills

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