For an ordinary Yakut guy Kolya Anufriev life seems to be simple and clear until he meets Svetka. Because of her he wants to become better and change his life, but as a result, everything changes...


Igor Govorov, Galina Tikhonova, Ilya Portnyagin, Alexey Makarov, Prokopiy Danilov, Stepan Berezovskiy

Director :Vladimir Munkuev Language :Not Updated Country :Russia
Producer :Vladimir Munkuev, Irina Bugaeva Editor :Aysen Sergeev Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2018 Duration:23 Mins


Director Name

Vladimir Munkuev

Director Biography

Vladimir Munkuev was born on 26.10.1987 in Yakutsk (Republic of Sakha), Russia. In 2017 graduated from Moscow Film School as a film director. 

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