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A 23 year old irani lady named jabari has been raped by an intelligence bureau officer related to this the officer had been murdered by the Irani lady. Even through the human right interfered to save her from the law but no result the Irani government had taken decision to hang her till death An Egyptian lady who had hide her identity and lived as a male person in the society and she had struggled very much for her survival to live as a male person. This is a story which reveals that a lady has to face so many problems and difficulties to survive her life in a male dominated society.

Director :RENJILAL DAMODARAN Language :English Country :India
Producer :RENJILAL DAMODARAN Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2017 Duration:121 Mins


Director Name


Director Biography

Born in Puthur a village very near to Kottarakkarain Kollam district as the youngest son of teacher couple R Damodaran and K Sarojini .in 1995 he made his M Phil in Cinema at University of Madras. It was the first M Phil Theses on Cinema in Indian academic session .After the short career as Lecturer at the same University the passion of film kept him to follow efficient directors in Malayalam film industry. In so many national and state award winning movies he accompanied as associate director. He came with his debut film named Ennittum in2007.through this film he introduced so many new faces. Later they became stars in Industry. After a break he is in creation of a different film Nawal enna Jewel .

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