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Burning from inside


Burning from the inside' is a socio-political documentary, coming out from thestreets of Athens and Berlin. Using the rise of theneo-Nazi party Golden Dawn as the main axis, itexposes the fascist structures and the socialdisintegration witch invaded Greece, from theperspective of the Greek immigrants inGermany. Giving their own fight against theNazi outburst, the Greeks collaborate withGerman comrades and try to create a 'voice'which speaks about the constant violations ofhuman rights in Greece, as well as the role ofGermany as the 'queen of Europe'. At the sametime, there is a reference on the on-growingrelations between Greek and German Nazis andthe struggle of the antifascist movement whichgrew stronger at the same time. By juxtaposingthe events in the two countries, the film imposesquestions on the functionality of democracy inthe country that gave birth to it, and'universalizes' the Nazi problem. Finally, itfocuses on the amazing power that the peoplecan assume when united, and unfolds thereasons which made Greece a country 'burningfrom the inside'.

Director :Marsia Tzivara Language :English Country :Maxico
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2014 Duration:63 Mins


Director Name

Marsia Tzivara

+91 9072315933