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One Hundred Mules Walking The Los Angeles Aqueduct


One Hundred Mules Walking the LosAngeles Aqueduct (Artist's Cut, 2015) is adocumentary of a journey with a string of onehundred mules, that drew a line, between LosAngeles and a major source of its water in theEastern Sierra.This one-month meditation and artwork wasundertaken by Lauren Bon and the MetabolicStudio to commemorate the centenary of theopening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on Nov.5,2013. Mules were an important component ofthe labor force that made the building of theaqueduct possible. This artist action paidhomage to the quiet dignity of the mule and thepatient pace of its progress across the westernepic landscape.


Lauren Bon

Director :Bruce Dickson Language :English Country :US
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2014 Duration:56 Mins


Director Name

Bruce Dickson

+91 9072315933